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Terms and Condition of Use


When you use evoltraffic as Advertiser you must have the rights to announce any page, image, banner or any kind of copyrighted content. On the contrary if you are looking to generate income user must use evoltraffic honestly, considering that if you find a problem in evoltraffic you must notify the administrator and not take advantage of this problem.


Users agree not create multiple accounts, since the service is free does not make sense to create multiple accounts, whether creating multiple accounts is detected two accounts will be blocked. If we detect that you try to cheat evoltraffic you will be blocked without prior notice.


EvolTraffic not responsible for the content of the advertised pages, since the content is under the responsibility of users who promote these pages, plus links, videos, pictures, text pages promoted are created by users who promote. On the other hand EvolTraffic does not store any content of external pages, the only storage is done is of the links that in turn are the responsibility of the creators of the links users.


Evoltraffic only stores the links in order to be registered and to promote the pages of our users.


Evoltraffic improve SEO of our advertisers but It is the sole responsibility of the advertisers pages to promote in evoltraffic.


EvolTraffic does not require our users to see pages that they do not want, the design of our website allows you to view a description or picture of the pages promoted, besides that for such points the user decides if it remains in the page or simply close the link.


Evoltraffic system allows users to get more views on their pages and if users choose to save the page as a bookmark, permancer on the page, recommend it, follow in their social networks or simply choose not to see it, all this is only the user decision.


The data provided by the user in the registration section are obtained with the permission of the user as there is a field in which the user assumes you have read the terms and conditions and the terms of Privacy. Similarly the data provided by the user are only and exclusively to keep track of them and for internal use of the website, in any way will be shared with any other company for profit.


By the time accepting the terms and conditions of use, is also taken into account that any information regarding the page or the user will be sent to the e-mail provided by the user, this information will be regarding the status of the page or to the user in order to informa some detail, percanse or just information about your account or Evoltraffic.net


Our users accounts may be suspended if they do not follow the letter above some point, besides the account inactivity may be made without notice.


If the user has referred this will receive the cash generated by those referred during 24 hours a day until the server is restarted, this is only if the user is active during the day, failing if the user is not active during the day, it will not receive anything generated by their referrals.


Evoltraffic has a limit depend on the account of the user.


Evoltraffic can make changes to the web site without prior notice, it is not necessary to make a consensus.


If you receive any payment from Evoltraffic.net and you want to receive your next payment, You have to create a Post in the Forum in the section Forum->Payments in order to receive your next Payment.


Currently the payments are sent only from Monday to Friday, although you can make a withdrawal.

The terms and conditions may vary without notice.