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1) How to Sign Up?

Just go home and click on one of the two buttons that say Sign In or go directly to www.evoltraffic.net and you can register, there are currently two ways to register, by filling the registration form or by registering through Facebook.

2) How to verify my account?

If your registration was through Facebook, you will not need to verify your account, because verification is done by Facebook and your account is automatically activated. If your registration do it by filling the form, you should check your email in which we will send you and email where you just need to click on the link and your account will be automatically activated. Done the before points, you will be able to log In.

3) How Login?

To sign you must go to Home or www.evoltraffic.net and find two buttons on the main menu and another in the main image which says Evoltraffic login to Login need to enter your username, password. If your registration was through Facebook just hit the top button that says Login with Facebook.

4) How can I recover my password?

You must go to the Login section and the part that says Recover password you click and you send an e-mail to your mail and you give just simply click and will create a new password. This is also what you can do if you created an account with facebook and can not remember your facebook account.

Operation and Tools Evoltraffic

5) How works Evoltraffic?

Currently Evoltraffic is a PTC site, so site you can get money by clicking on ads from our advertisers, using evolsurfing or using existing offers. If you are an Advertiser you can advertise your website with evoltraffic we have diffent ways to advertise, with banners, fixed Ads(unlimited), PTC ads and more.

6) How do you generate Money?

Use PTC ads, ClixWall, PTCWall, Offers4all,superrewards,Offertoro..

7) What is an Unlimited?

Unlimited is a way of promoting a website, an unlimited lets you share a page for 24 hours without being able to stop

8) Is there a limit for creating pages or Banners?

Currently it is totally unlimited, though we suggest you think only the page that you are promoting, because if you think too much you may get confused.

9) What is the difference between impression and click on Banner?

A banner impression is when you give click on an ad from our users and this opens a tab, you will see in most of the screen the main page, and at the top you will see a banner, seeing longer considered an impression, to be considered one click you must click on the banner.

10) What is better a impression or click Banner?

Both are functional, but a click on banner has the advantage that will be shown to our users until it meets clicks assigned, ie if it has been viewed 1000 times but only 10 people have clicked and the ad has 20 clicks assigned this It will still be shown to comply with 20 clicks. On the other hand an impression no matter if the user does or does not click. It is therefore more user probale you get interested if they do click on your page or banner.

11) What is Modulo Preview?

The module preview allows you to test whether your page allows be embedded on our site, or other word that your website allows be viewed within our site, if you have created your page and go to the module preview will appear your page in a select, you must click on display and if your site is properly in the bottom of your page was created correctly and our users have no problem seeing it, on the other hand if you want to try your page before creating it can do it in the second field where you request a link, if you put it correctly, it must be shown in the bottom, with this you can be confident that your website is being viewed.

12) What statistics show?

First of all the statistics of your banners and your web pages are displayed, and in turn the statistics of the last 7 days for your site or banner is displayed and at the bottom the location of the users who saw your ad is shown, with this you can see where it has been seen your ad and the amount by region.

13) What is Gift Daily?

Evoltraffic makes up for it with a daily gift, you can claim if you meet the following conditions have clicked more than 5 ads a day earlier and demand it every 24 hours. If you meet that you can win from points, impressions or clicks on banner, unlimited a package Evol until cash from $ 0.0001 to $0.1 dlls.

14) ┬┐What is EVOLGAME?

Another way to get awards is by evolgame in evolgame just enough to have lives to play, the lives are obtained in two ways, taking a package, you will provide certain lives daily, if you do not have a package can get lives clicking on pages or videos from our users, every 5 page views equals a life. The goal is to find two logos Evolgame, each level has certain opportunities.

15) How many levels are in Evolgame?

There are 45 levels in Evolgame starting aid level 13 as well as disadvantages, some levels have more opportunities than others are provided. The more progress is easier to lose, but the rewards are better.

16) What can I win in Evolgame?

Currently you can get Points or Impressions

17) What means "save level"?

Evoltraffic know that some levels are complicated, so we give the opportunity to keep the level at which you lost all your lives and give you the opportunity to generate lives, without your level is lost, remember that you need to save if you want to start from this level. It should be noted that the level saved only lasts 3 days, so if in three days you do not play your level started 1.

18) If I win, I lost lives?

If you win a level EVOLGAME, this means that two logos found inside the boxes of the level, you are not subtracted no life, so you can play the next level with the lives you had.

19) What about the money I earn in Evolgame?

You can access your money at $ 8 dlls.

My Account, history and my cash.

20) What I can see in "My purchases"?

You can make a purchase in packages, in this section you will see the benefits you get a package. If you bought a package in this section appear that package you have available, how many months and the purchase ID, date and item purchased.

21) What I find in my history?

Your historial is everything you do in Evoltraffic, from create, edit, delete a page or banner until your registration, purchases and prizes awarded.

22) How to Get Referrals?

You can get referrals promoting your link you will find in the Banner section.

23) Why I can not withdraw my cash?

Before withdrawing your cash you must enter a valid email paypal payeer, perfect Money If you have your mail, you must also have enough funds depend on your kind account and you had made more than 50 Clicks, If all this is right you will be able to make a withdraw..

24) What can be seen in the section "My Prizes"?

Your prizes are those who have obtained both gift and Evolgame daily. Here you can see the place of the prize that you have obtained, if the number 1 or number 10, if the number 1 is that you got the best reward you can get.

25) How to get a package?

If you want advertise a page in this section you will find different ways to advertise you decide what is the best for you.

26)Upgrade Account is needed?

If you want to earn more, the first step is upgrade your account after that you ger more benefits like more direct or rented referrals,etc,.

27) What should I do if I can not find the answer to a question about Evoltraffic?

Open a Ticket in section support and it will take us no more than 1 day to answer your question..